Reference works

EXPERIENCE PAINTING in the garden of the Budaházy-Fekete Kúria

Organised by the Essence Entertainer and the Budaházy-Fekete Kúria Winery ( ), we offer you another relaxing experience in a picturesque location, with peaceful experiences and delicious flavours. We welcome you all to relax on warm summer days.

ARTISTS DAY at the Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions

Team building painting at work? Of course! A simple way to make work easier. You can relax by painting.

PICTURESQUE MOMENTS in the openhouse office building

Creative time with the Openhouse team.
Because they always make sure you're in a good mood while surrounded by fabulous houses.
"We spent the day in a world of colours!This time, however, we were not captivated by a magical property, but by a nice girl who taught us how to use a paintbrush!
We even had a HOUSE in the picture!
We had a lot of experiences and emotions that day and of course we got to take our painting home!"- Company director

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT with the Mosolyvirág Big Family Association of Debrecen

Once again we have done a great job. The Association of Large Families in Debrecen held a peaceful Christmas painting evening in Debrecen, where they had a real time out.

We smiled a lot and were guaranteed to get all painty while making the snowy landscape. Of course we repeat the experience every quarter.