Experience Painting

Painting makes you happy


After a tiring day, relax alone, with your partner, friends or family by painting at Soul art gift Studio.

You don't need any prior practical knowledge, even as an absolute beginner you are guaranteed success.

You create with an artist who will help you every step of the way.

After painting, of course, you can take your artwork home to hang on the wall of your room.

For experience painting, we provide all the tools.

Grab a brush


The aim is to make children enjoy painting and smile.

You can also apply for a one-off or half-year course.

Recommended for children from the age of 8.

The pictures are selected according to age groups and the development of the children.

You are guaranteed a constant challenge and a guaranteed sense of achievement.

Just like a real artist, they paint on canvas with paint just like adults.

Parents are also informed that paint can leave marks on clothes :) This makes the children feel more serious about the game.

Masterful teamwork


An exceptional company is entitled to a special team-building programme. Something that develops, makes you smile, entertains and is kind to your soul.

Enjoy relaxing with a glass of soda or wine with your friends, your team and have a good laugh while listening to your favourite music and mixing paint on canvas.

If you're looking for an unforgettable team building training, we're here to help.

Create one large picture together or several smaller ones individually.