Private lessons
(Painting, Graphics, Sculpture)



You can also choose from our private lessons for total relaxation.
You can paint the picture that is most dear to your soul in the utmost peace and security.
Whether it's listening to your favourite music to help you glide your brush across the canvas or in peaceful silence if that's what you desire.
You'll get instant answers and solutions to any questions you may have.

With the help of an artistic guide, you can learn new techniques, practices and tricks alongside valuable conversations.


Each watch is unique. You choose the goal, we put the lessons together. We start from the basics, with pencil and paper. We learn what kind of paper and what kind of pencil works. We move through space drawing to artistic anatomy, depending on what you want to do.

Focusing on manual creation. We make the lesson plan in the way that suits you best and work step by step towards the goal.

Whether you have some previous training or you last held a pencil in your hands in primary school. Here you can explore your inner graphic artist without inhibitions or fear.

You can try anything. You can work with graphite, charcoal, pastels. Maybe you're interested in linocut prints? Our private lessons are all about you.

We'll help you get the knowledge you crave.

In our online graphics classes you can work from the comfort of your own home and we'll help you progress via video call.

You're guaranteed to have a fun and developmental class, as the subject matter is always tailored to your interests.


If you want to learn while having fun and create in space, this is the place for you.

Working with clay, plastic, metal, paper or wood, you can learn the basics of sculpture, from the basics of materials to tools. 

You make your own sculpture like a free child building a sandcastle. Laughing, smiling. Knowing that you are creating something fantastic.

No previous qualifications are required. Following the objective, you will be offered an individual lesson session.